Russian for foreigners with a Russian

The Russian language courses are offered for all levels and needs:

  •  for people with zero knowledge of Russian language;  
  •  for those who already have good level of Russian;
  •  Business Russian course - tourism, commerce, negotiations, in-the-office, emails, telephone conversation, etc.

Standard Course of Russian language

Whether you have studied Russian before or not, you will learn with real-life conversations and modern audio and video materials as well as the best textbooks. You will not be taught to use outdated phrases. I use communicative method and you will speak as much as possible. Should you wish to study one-to-one or decide to join the group of your level, you can be sure you will get personal approach. Upon your desire, I can prepare you for the international exam in Russian language TRKI (ТРКИ). I will provide you with all materials for all exam levels.

Course of Russian language in-company (corporate classes)

If you are the lucky one who gets the company benefit of learning Russian, then you will enjoy sharing classes with your colleagues. The huge benefit of corporate classes (apart from them being covered by your employer) is that you can use the opportunity to make an impact on your career and impress your manager with your language skills to step to a new career level. Also you may want to request a certain business topic within a standard course and use your working time to improve your Russian language skills.

Learning Russian via Skype

Learning Russian on Skype you will not miss out a single detail of the explanation, but you will win time and money. As neither the teacher nor the student do not spend time travelling, lesson cost is lower. Check out the price list for normal classes and Skype ones. If you are one of conservative students who prefer to have the ‘real life’ classes – do not worry, after the first free probation class you will see that it is not less effective than the old school classes you are used to. Skype lessons are a very good solution in case you travel often, but want to have regular classes, or if  you are situated in a different town/country, but you want to study with me.

Price list

Standard Course of Russian language

Course of Russian language in-company (corporate classes)

Business Russian course

Course of Russian language via Skype

Duration of one course: 30 hours (15 lessons). One lesson is 90 minutes

Duration of course: upon agreement with the HR. One lesson is 90 minutes

Duration: 30 hours (15 lessons). One lesson is 90 minutes

Duration of one course: 30 hours (15 lessons). One lesson is 90 minutes

Course cost is EUR 300
price per lesson - EUR 20.

Special offer: EUR 260
in case of pre-payment of the course. It is possible to pre-pay the course in three steps of about 87 EUR each.

Price per lesson in a group - EUR 23.
Price per lesson 1-2-1 – EUR 25.

Course cost is EUR 380

Special offer: EUR 330 
in case of pre-payment of the course.

Course cost is EUR 255
price per lesson - EUR 17.

Special offer: EUR 240
in case of pre-payment of the course. It is possible to pre-pay the course in two steps of EUR 120 each.

Group lessons:
2-3 people: EUR 15 per person;
4-5 people: EUR 12 per person;
6-7 people: EUR 10 per person.
  Group lessons:
2-3 people: EUR 20 per person;
4-5 people: EUR 15 per person;
6-7 people: EUR 12 per person.
Group lessons via Skype:
2-3 people: EUR 11 per person;
4-7 people: EUR 10 per person;

* All materials are included!
You will receive handouts and copies of the textbook. If you wish to have your own textbook you will have to pre-order it. The price of the textbook usually is EUR 12.


  • At the 1st lesson we get to know the overview of the Russian journey. You will get familiar with the language structure, grammar peculiarities and – learn to read Cyrillic alphabet. After the first lesson you will already know how to introduce yourself in Russian and how to spell your name. In 2-3 lessons a student is able to read independently Cyrillic beginner texts;
  • In the first lessons it is crucial to obtain the correct accent and to get the right idea of the way the Russian sounds are formed. With a professional guidance this will be fun and success. I have studied professionally to mind different types of accents and to teach Russian pronunciation differently depending on where the student comes from;
  • I teach and preach communicative method. This means that we will always prefer conversation to perfect grammar, and learn how to communicate out intentions in any situation. Nevertheless, grammar is super essential in my classes, and we will study it thoroughly, but well balanced with conversationThe didactic method is applied through the real-life dialogues of the everyday life. You will not be taught to use outdated phrases;
  • My method is based on personal student’s needs and skills. The course will be tailored to you with the help of my experiences and a very good variety of materials I use.

Textbooks and materials:
5 elementov («5 элементов»), Okno v Rossiyu («Окно в Россию»), Chto vy skazali? («Что Вы сказали?»), Survival Russian,  Kluch («Ключ»), Slushaem.Sprashivaem.Otvechaem (Слушаем. Спрашиваем. Отвечаем.», Delovye kontakty («Деловые контакты»), Shkatulochka («Шкатулочка») and many more including my own materials proven in my 9 years’ experience. I use up-to-date news articles, YouTube videos, popular songs’ texts and episodes of famous Russian films to give you a living example of the language and open the window to Russian culture and mentality.


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