Copywriting services and SEO

Copywriting is your way to stand out from the crowd, be remembered and be successful.

Whatever business you run or work for, you need to promote yourself. Copywriter will do it with the help of the most powerful tools: WORDS.

Copywriting is about operating words to influence your target audience to take the action you need them to take. Sales, shop opening, charity event, private medicine, new cafe opening – all of these areas and more need a copywriter to explain all the benefits of the product or service, and get the reader to click the ‘Buy now’ or ‘Send more information’ button or to call the contact number on a leaflet.

What are my services?

  • Creating website content;
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, ensuring your web page ranks high in the search engines);
  • Leaflets, ads, billboards, invitations, etc;
  • Newsletters;
  • Rewrite;
  • Slogans and mottos;
  • Proofreading.

Why choose me?

Since the year 2016 I’ve been a professional copywriter, holding a Diploma in Copywriting from Blackford Centre for Copywriting, UK and certified by ABC Awards, UK

  • Profound philological education - you an be sure about the quality and grammar of the text;
  • Professional knowledge of Russian and English languages;
  • Diploma in Copywriting from Blackford Centre for Copywriting, UK;
  • Certificate in Copywriting from ABC Awards, UK
  • Possibility of creating texts for your business in two languages - a solid anvantage for your project and its promotion abroad;
  • High quality copywriter's services - for reasonable prices;
  • Your confidence in quality - I constantly work on self-education and being up-to-date, reading professional literature in my field in two languages.

I do professional copywriting in English and Russian languages. I can do the simultaneous copywriting for you in both languages to boost your business. Have you ever contemplated about obtaining Russian clients? Give it a thought!

Some background about me

Being a professional philologist, I have passion for wording and really enjoy the wordplay as I find it to be a very powerful way to impact the audience. I follow several leading design communities to learn and get inspired with mottos married with simple but tasteful designs that make business work. I regularly attend Cannes lions Best ads festival to keep up with the freshest ideas in Marketing.

Make sure your copywriter does a good research of your market and well realizes its peculiarities before delivering the text. Understanding psychology of the customer behavior is a must for a quality copywriter. Be sure both essentials will be covered collaborating with me.

I will be happy to discuss with you your vision of your business idea and how you wish to present it. Get in touch- and let's talk business!


For inquiries please email: [email protected]


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