Tania Orekhova - your teacher of Russian

My name is Tania

and my motto is

Do what you love and love what you do! (...and do it often!)

  • My specializations are:
  • Teaching Russian as a Foreign language;
  • Mass Media Communications;
  • Creative Copywriting diploma of Blackford centre UK;
  • European Diplomacy Academy diploma in International negotiations;
  • Intercultural Communications;
  • Fiction Translations;
  • Russian Language and Literature.
  • I have English, Italian and Czech language skills.
  • Contact me to see what I can do for your business. 

I am a Muscovite and a Moscow State University philological faculty graduate.

I graduated from Moscow State University (MSU), philological faculty, with a specialization in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language. Since 2006, being yet a student of the last course, I started to work in the language school Globus International UK as a teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language and English Language. I have very quickly obtained what I lacked a lot – practice, practice, practice! I started to collect my own treasury of experience and since then I have never stopped learning.

I have taught one-to-one, in-company and courses of Business Russian. I have also led the group classes in our office. I have learned to help students to look at the difficulties with new eyes, to find analogies in languages they know and have always remembered to make people smile during the class! I have met so many nations in my classroom as it only was possible in Moscow. I have seen and felt the difference in mentalities and have always succeeded to adjust my approach accordingly.

I have later joined Liden & Denz language school specializing in teaching Russian in intensive courses, combining them with some cultural studies. I have also guided the tours around Moscow with my student to show the most crucial sights and help to get the spirit of the city.

Since 2008 I have been living in the capital of Czech Republic – beautiful city of Prague. I have never stopped teaching, one-to-one as well as corporate classes. I encourage you to take a look at the variety of classes I offer to find a solution for you. One thing to be sure of: we will collaborate with you, as it takes both, a student and a teacher to make it a success! Therefore, you will always feel encouraged and will see your own progress as we go.

My students have been people of very different levels, nationalities and positions. Among main corporate clients are: GE Energy, GE Healthcare, Raiffeisenbank, TNK BP, British American tobacco, Croc, Inter Informatics, diplomats and consuls of embassies in Moscow.

I am happy to offer you all types of classes: one-to-one (1-2-1), group lessons, in-company corporate classes and the most economic Skype lessons. Let me be your guide through the Russian language peculiarities and show you the most exciting and useful tools about it. A good teacher is nothing more than an experienced professional guide who encourages their student to enjoy the journey! 
Special offer for Czech students: maturita exams preparation. I have contributed to maturita exam preparation (CERMAT) as an author, editor and a proofreader.


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"Tatiana is an extremely competent teacher, full of motivation. She guides and enlightens her students. Learning Russian with Tatiana has been like learning a new piece of music."

Christian Riemann, Germany, attended group classes of A1 level.


"I had an excellent experience with Tania as my teacher for one on one lessons. Having already taken multiple language courses throughout the years with various instructors I can safely say that Tania was by far the best. The courses were always interesting and dynamic. My progress was quick as she tailors lessons to each student's needs. Basically, you should definitely choose Tania as your Russian teacher! "

Alexandria Richey, USA, attended individual course from A1 to A2 level.

''Tania was my first Russian teacher, and although I only had for about a month, I was still able to learn the alphabet and how to conjugate verbs, which was very useful for entering the Russian department at my university. The lessons were challenging without being impossible, the homework assigned was manageable and useful, and I was surprised about how much progress I made in only a few lessons. If you are a beginning Russian speaker, or an advanced Russian speaker, Tania will teach you the language in a way you can understand, and will help you perfect and achieve fluency in one of the hardest languages to master''.

Molly Zuckerman, USA, attended individual classes of the level A1





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