Russian with Native Speaker
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The courses of Russian of all levels with experienced native
speaker teacher, who holds a Moscow State University degree
in Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language.

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The Russian language courses are offered for all levels

  • a1+
  • a2+
  • b1+
  • a2+
  • c1+
  • c2+

Beginner – for people with zero knowledge of Russian language;

Intermediate – for those who already possess good level (B1-B2);

Business Russian course – for those studying Russian for their professional field (tourism, commerce, negotiations, in the office, emails, telephone conversation).

Group or 1-2-1 classes

If you are willing to study but also like to make new friends in the classroom, this option is for you. Not to mention that the group classes are cheaper as you all share the total lesson price. If you want to learn Russian but your employer does not provide this language course, join one of our groups! Groups start from minimum 2 students. Bring a friend along!

This course is for those of you who want all the teacher’s attention undivided. If you like to ask many questions as you go, and wish to get a more tailored approach, deviating from the programme for your current needs, you will enjoy private lessons. You will be able to make the most of your study and achieve quicker results.

  • Standard Course of Russian language

    Duration: 30 hours (15 lessons) Price from: EUR 260
  • Course of Russian language in-company

    Duration: 90 mins (1 lesson) Price from: EUR 23
  • Business Russian course

    Duration: 30 hours (15 lessons) Price from: EUR 330
  • Course of Russian language via Skype

    Duration: 30 hours (15 lessons) Price from: EUR 240


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